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Data backup & recovery services

Data backup and recovery services

A lot of small businesses and mums & dads don't backup their data at all or enough. Backing up your data is easier with a solution by ICT BIZ.
The number one reason why you should be backing up is for recovery in the possibility of loss due to theft, fire, floods etc.

Backup Services:
  • On-site - an on-site backup can be as easy as using an external hard drive to setting up a NAS to perform backup too;
  • Cloud - performing a backup to the cloud isn't as expensive as it once was, now with faster Internet backing up to cloud is easier;
  • Outsource - you can outsource your backup to us. We come and perform the backup for you and store you data safely and securely.
  • Backup Software - we can provide you with a range of different backup software options.
Recovery Services:
  • Old hard drives - we can copy your data from older hard drives to your new ones;
  • Deleted files - we can attempt to recover any deleted files;
  • Faulty drives - we can attempt to recovery files and data from faulty drives.

How much will it cost?

Data Backup Price
External Hard Drives Call - 1300 428 249
NAS Backup Devices Call - 1300 428 249
Cloud Backups Call - 1300 428 249
Backup Software - Veeam Call - 1300 428 249
Outsourced Backup Call - 1300 428 249
Data backup & recovery services Price
Commercial Services $110.00/hour
Not-for-profit (registered) $95/hour

1: All prices are inclusive of GST

2: A minimum charge of 1 hour applies

3: We don't charge travelling fees in Free Areas


1: Visa & Master Cards

2: Debit Cards

3: Cash

4: Purchase Order (Registered Customers Only)

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