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Purchasing Services

Purchasing Services

Don't have the staff to do purchasing for you. We can provide purchasing services for you as a project or on an hourly cost.
Following are just some of the Purchasing Services we offer:

Network Purchasing Services:
  • Server Purchasing.
  • Switching Purchasing.
  • Router Purchasing.
  • Backup Purchasing.
  • Firewall / Security Purchasing.
Software Purchasing Services:
  • Operating System Purchasing
  • Microsoft Office Purchasing.
  • Anti-Virus Software Purchasing.
Computer Purchasing Services:
  • New Computer Purchasing.
  • Laptops & Tablet Purchasing
Other Purchasing Services:
  • Printer Purchasing.
  • NBN / Internet Purchasing

How much will it cost?

Purchasing Services Project Price
Network Purchasing Call - 1300 428 249
Software Purchasing Call - 1300 428 249
Computer Purchasing Call - 1300 428 249
Other Purchasing Call - 1300 428 249
Purchasing Services Hourly Price
Commercial Services $110.00/hour
Not-for-profit (registered) $95/hour

1: All prices are inclusive of GST

2: A minimum charge of 1 hour applies

3: We don't charge travelling fees in Free Areas


1: Visa & Master Cards

2: Debit Cards

3: Cash

4: Purchase Order (Registered Customers Only)

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Contact us now to discuss your Purchasing Services requirements and how we can help you with all your next Installations.