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Recovery Solutions

Recovery Solutions

Does your business have a Disaster Recovery plan? Are you doing backups of your data? What would your business do if it lost all of its data?
Following are just some of the Recovery Solutions we offer:

Backup Solutions:
  • On-site Backup.
  • Cloud-based Backup.
  • Off-site Storage.
  • Backup Software.
  • Server Hardware Hot Spares.
  • Computer Hardware Hot Spares.
Recovery Solutions:
  • Restore from Disks.
  • Restore from Tapes.
  • Restore from Cloud.
  • Server Hot Spare Swap Out.
  • Computer Hot Spare Swap Out.
Planning / Testing:
  • Disaster Recovery Planning.
  • Disaster Recovery Testing.

How much will it cost?

Recovery Solutions Project Price
Backup Solutions Call - 1300 428 249
Recovery Solutions Call - 1300 428 249
Planning / Testing Call - 1300 428 249
Recovery Solutions Hourly Price
Commercial Services $110.00/hour
Not-for-profit (registered) $95/hour

1: All prices are inclusive of GST

2: A minimum charge of 1 hour applies

3: We don't charge travelling fees in Free Areas


1: Visa & Master Cards

2: Debit Cards

3: Cash

4: Purchase Order (Registered Customers Only)

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